• Tofish and Chips at The Canvas Cafe, East London
  • Tofish and Chips at The Canvas Cafe, East London
  • Tofish and Chips at The Canvas Cafe, East London

20th October '17: Ahoy Londoners! Vegan 'tofish' and chips launched on our menu!

Just when you thought you’d seen and tried it all, from vegan fried chicken shops to restaurants run completely on purified water; say hello to ‘Tofish and Chips’, the latest vegan dish from The Canvas Cafe, after last year's awesome vegan freakshakes.


Now, you’re probably wondering, what’s ‘Tofish and Chips’? It’s a marinated tofu and nori fillet, fried in crispy homemade batter, served with homemade chips, minty mushy peas and homemade vegan tartare sauce. The name derives from that Great British Classic, traditional fish and chips, but with a vegan twist. At The Canvas Cafe, we believe veganism doesn’t mean missing out on all the nice things; you really can have your ‘fish’, and eat it too. Oh, and we also make amazing vegan cakes...


With veganism hitting the top 3 ‘Things to do to Save the Earth’ (alongside having fewer babies and taking fewer flights), we are embracing it as a genuinely powerful way to take a positive step towards a better future, as owner Ruth Rogers explains:


“At The Canvas, we support and enable positive activism by providing free space for community ideas to launch and grow, offering creative platforms for new artists to showcase new stories, and by championing sustainable, ethical food and drinks. Veganism is positive activism in action, and at our Cafe, you don’t have to compromise on taste, comfort or fun!”


Alongside this seriously tasty dish, we offer our community of Londoners and visitors alike a friendly, welcoming space to channel your creativity; whilst tucking into some homemade food from our all-star and resident Head Chef - Tegan the Vegan.


“I am super excited to announce we now have great new catch on our menu with a hope to continue to spoil a wide array of customers both new and old. This is also a great opportunity for new vegans to explore new depth within their tastebuds. We’re also proud to announce that from January 2018, we are on a mission to fulfill our plan (and vegan dream) of going completely vegan."


Sound intrigued? We're serving to-fish and chips from 11am-7:30pm Tuesday to Sunday. Check out more photos and info on Instagram and Twitter.