Barbiee Grrrl - vegan barbecue in August
Tue 01/08/2017 (All day)

London's only Vegan BBQ Pop Up ~ popping up in The Canvas: garden this August Tue-Sun 12-4 and 6-10.

Barbie Grrrl vegan barbecue at The Canvas
Way of Wellness: FREE
Tue 22/08/2017 12:30

HOW ARE YOU? What makes you feel healthy, vital and full of energy?

How startups win on social media: FREE
Tue 22/08/2017 18:30

What do Agencies, Tech Companies and Freelancers all have in common? Their customers, are all on social media. In fact, any type of business has the advanatage of reaching new customers and retaining loyality through effective use of social media.

Loving with the Lights On: Communication Workshop
Sat 26/08/2017 12:00

Communication is at the heart of healthy relationships... but we can often have blocks to opening up; find that it doesn't go as smoothly as we might like it to, or simply haven't learnt the right tools to voice what we feel in a palatable way.

Dear Diary...
Sat 26/08/2017 17:00

Come join us as we delve in to the past and read our teenage diaries live on stage! Why would we want to something embarrassing like that you ask?! Because they are hilarious, that's why!

Storytelling at The Canvas: FREE
Sun 27/08/2017 17:00

Welcome to Story Telling at The Canvas. A monthly event of story telling for all and by all who come along.

Way of Wellness: FREE
Tue 29/08/2017 12:30

HOW ARE YOU? What makes you feel healthy, vital and full of energy?

Leadership, Recruitment and Managing a Team: FREE
Tue 29/08/2017 18:30

Leadership is more than just a title, more than having an 'authority' over people, and more than just managing a number of individuals. Leadership harnesses the ability to achieve a vision as a team, taking everyone on a journey to better themselves and support the objectives of a vision.

Develop a Positive Mindset: Free Talk
Tue 29/08/2017 18:30

Every month, The Canvas Cafe hosts a free inspiring talk by charity Inner Space.

'Creating the Impossible' by Ben Depraz: FREE
Wed 30/08/2017 17:30

"Creating The Impossible" is about reminding you of a truth you know. It is about helping you reconnect with the true meaning of dream, action and transformation within yourself.