Shoreditch Dog House
Tue 05/09/2017 (All day)

Shoreditch Dog House connects the benefits of regeneration with the locally disenfranchised people of Tower Hamlets, via the need for a professional, neighbourhood, dog day care house.

Shoreditch Dog House at The Canvas
Abortion Rights UK
Sat 18/11/2017 12:00

Hosted in The Canvas Community Hub, where we offer free space so that positive community ideas can be launched. Book the space to launch your good ideas by emailing

Present...Tense? : FREE
Sun 19/11/2017 11:00

PRESENT…TENSE? is an exhibition curated and presented by Ma Wing-yin, Winnie from Hong Kong. By sharing the stories of six Hongkongers through collage arts, visitors are encouraged to give a moment for themselves to face their inner feelings and to live in the present moment.

How to Let Go of the World: Film screening presented by Less Meat Less Heat
Thu 23/11/2017 18:30

Less Meat Less Heat presents a film screening of How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change.
Tickets £5

Julija's Lithuanian Supper Club
Fri 24/11/2017 18:30

Julija is the new chef at The Canvas, and together with Tegan, they are the Vegan Dream Team. This is Julija's way of saying hello, and introducing herself...with her very own homestyle cooking!

Joy Forest: live performance
Fri 24/11/2017 19:30

Fire Awareness Disco formed from the soho young company, and is presenting the first part attempt at their new show Joy Forest.

Family Scribbles - Fun and Gallery Afternoon!: FREE
Sat 25/11/2017 14:00

The Family Scribbles Get Together. Illustrated Family Portrait exhibition with music, drawing comps, balloon portraits & drinks! Pop along!

Vegan Wine and Cheese by Tegan the Vegan
Sat 25/11/2017 18:30

Ever wondered how vegans live without cheese? Well...we don't.

An evening dedicated to cheese and wine, with no animals involved in the making!

Co-creating your life. Envisioning ideal scenes.
Sun 26/11/2017 10:00

Come and join life coach, Gabriella Miller and other like minded souls for a morning of positive visioning.
If you’re looking to let go of limiting beliefs and create your future from a positive, loving place inside of yourself, this is the place to be.

The Common Good
Sun 26/11/2017 17:00

The Common Good will meet at The Canvas on the last Sunday of the month from 5 - 8pm. If you are the type of person who wants to feel part of your community, and use your skills and experience to improve the lot of others, then this is the group for you.

Free Talk: An Attitude of Gratitude
Tue 28/11/2017 18:30

It’s so easy to take things for granted.