Altered States Meditation

Fri 08/06/2018 19:00 to 21:00

Free Friday vibrations boost using Altered States Meditation to manifest amazing weekend!!! Hosted by Edwin and Ilona

If you have dreams in your life, dream big, as you might be able to create them. As you raise your energy vibration, you can invite a new reality to enter your life.

Altered States Meditation helps to raise vibration and enter a state similar to dream, with the goal of remaining conscious. This state supports manifesting, healing and personal transformation. You will raise your vibrations using Altered States Meditation, to increase your manifesting power for the coming weekend, work actively on manifesting new options to dramatically improve your personal success. You will allow the Universe to deliver solutions straight to your doors. This will help you to open the door for love, friendship, improved finances, also raising your consciousness. If you will participate for some longer time, you might be able to experience even more dramatic improvement in your life. If it is your lucky evening our co-host and amazing spiritual channeller Ilona might give you a message from your spiritual guides.

What is Altered States Meditation:

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What do you need:

RSVP on our meetup website as number of spaces is limited. We will give priority to people with RSVP, but if you just come and we have free space, you will be warmly welcomed.


'I have attended a few of Edwin's meditation sessions though realised I haven't left any feedback yet. These sessions have been really amazing, the whole experience is beneficial, talking first, learning about the group before getting started and all of the information Edwin shares and discusses. This creates a very relaxed state to begin with. I have achieved the deepest state of meditation ever experienced in these sessions. Edwin is a very kind hearted, lovely individual with a lot of warmth and love to share. Make the most of these sessions while you can!'

— Sharona on Oct 26, 2015.

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