Jivamukti with Meditation

Thu 24/05/2018 18:00 to 19:00

Wake up from the Matrix with mantra meditation and Yoga asana

6-7pm Bi-weekly on Thursdays in the Community Hub!

In the West we call that is known as ‘asana’ Yoga. However, Yoga incorporates postures, breathing, meditation and practises of empathy and kindness.

In this class asanas and pranayama (breathing techniques) will help prepare the body for a twenty minute group meditation.

Tania draws on her experience of transcendental meditation and Alexander technique. The focus of these classes is on helping practitioners wake up consciousness and connection to the present moment through relaxation rather than strain. Students will be taught tension releasing (sometimes challenging) yoga postures, breathing techniques and mantra meditation.

Open level, beginners welcome.



**The image used for this event is a Yantra. A Yantra is a form of mystical diagram used in ancient India theology, often representing unity of body, psyche and cosmos.