Mastering the Power of Connection through Vulnerability (Free Workshop)

Sat 21/04/2018 14:30 to 17:00

Imagine your life with more wholehearted relationships and authentic human connections.

Human beings are wired for love and connection and yet we are living in a world more disconnected than ever.
This workshop will help you learn how to create better connections through the way of the heart, with vulnerability and authenticity. Learn to master the art of connection and incorporate it in your life as a daily practice.
Nowadays vulnerability tends to be seen as a weakness, when actually it is the greatest vehicle to connection and a real strength for those who live wholeheartedly. Embracing vulnerability implies living with courage and daring to open ourselves to the other, having self-acceptance, knowing that we are worthy to receive love and appreciation by letting go of the fear of rejection and shame. It represents a crucial milestone part of your journey to be your beautiful authentic self!
Some of the benefits and what you will learn:
- How to communicate with love and kindness
- How to speak from your heart and tell your truth while having compassion for the other
- How to be honest and express yourself even when it is hard
- How to embrace your authentic self
- How to change your limiting beliefs regarding yourself and your relationships
The workshop will include a teaching, a discussion circle and a short meditation.
Tickets & Registration
To attend please pre-register here as there are limited spots to keep it an intimate group.
It is a free workshop, so if you can’t make it then please cancel your spot to make sure we can give it to someone else.
I am looking forward to meeting you and joining our paths towards a more heart-centred life with wholehearted and authentic relationships!
Sending love and radiant energy,
Trang Nguyen
Heart-Centred Coach