In Search of the Light - exhibit by Wajihah Hamid: Free

Fri 15/12/2017 19:00 to Sun 17/12/2017 20:00

Free exhibit
Fri Dec.15th 7-10pm
Sat Dec 16th 1-8pm
Sun Dec 17 1-8pm

In search of the light – Artist Statement

Just as light is essential in photography, light is crucial in myriad ways in our daily life. Being drawn to the light, this series features a journey captured over the past decade.

In Search of the Light, physically and metaphorically speaking is a vibrant way of exploring light and by extension darkness. It illuminates the duality ever present within and outside one’s life.

Through this series, I have attempted to illustrate both these journeys simultaneously as they were experienced and captured. It is also a way to celebrate the light within London, the comfort, friendship and love it has provided me the past decade. Please join me on this journey and caption the photos as you see it.