Commiting to Freedom with Adam and Gabriella

Sun 13/08/2017 15:00 to 16:30

Isn’t it exciting when we find ourselves in that effortless flow and simply know where the next step is? How can we sustain this? Can we trust ourselves to let go?  Tickets £5. (suggested price)

“Committing to Freedom” may seem contradictory, but the two words are beautifully matched. Freedom is a state of mind and can only be achieved by living totally in the now. Every second of the day is therefore a commitment.

In this workshop, we will engage the body and spirit, head and heart.

We will dance, physically express, be playfully spontaneous; being silly at times, serious at others.  There will centring and trust exercises, soul connection and spiritual theory in a heart opening learning experience.  You will be questioned and supported, challenged and embraced compassionately in a safe and fun space.  There will be work with our breath, exploring how we get into one body, along with group harmonising dance meditation.

Workshop Facilitators:

Adam and Gabriella met and felt inspired to share with the world all the tools they have learned in their paths. Coming from different backgrounds but sharing the same passion, they are excited to continue their journey of expansion with you.

Gabriella is a natural performer; she has danced, sung and acted professionally all over the world since childhood and is now also an educator of both young and old.  She channels both her British and Brazilian charisma to express her body and soul in a way that transfixes and empowers.

Adam has led hundreds of workshops for thousands of people and is also a performer and dancer who connects deeply with those who he’s engaging with, with the intention to inspire and motivate people to be the best they can be.  He was born and raised in Britain, but is a child of the world who aims to transcend artificial boundaries.

You can see a show-reel of some of Gabriella’s work by clicking here.

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