Ritual at Work with Tiu de Haan

Fri 11/08/2017 19:00 to 21:00

Learn how to use ritual to bring more clarity, creativity and meaning to your work life with Tiu de Haan, a celebrant, facilitator and creator of 21st century rituals. Tickets £20/£15 (suggested price)

Human beings have always used ritual to mark transitions in life, love and death - and when we apply ritual to our work, it can help us access inspiration, celebrate our successes and say goodbye to old ideas. In this interactive session, you will learn how to create rituals that help you to clear mental clutter, trigger flow states and honour completions. Whether it’s a ritual to launch a new project or reflect on the end of a chapter, begin a fresh collaboration or say goodbye to an idea that has had its time, come and learn how to create meaningful milestones in work as well as life.

Tiu de Haan:

Tiu de Haan is an Oxford educated celebrant, creative facilitator, inspirational speaker and creator of experiences that evoke wonder.  As well as offering bespoke ceremonies celebrating thresholds in life, love and death for people of all values and beliefs, Tiu is passionately devoted to the creation of experiential adventures where people shift their focus to see the magic in the mundane. For over a decade, she has been facilitating workshops, working with individuals and organisations as diverse as Lush, Panasonic, The Law Society, the Centre for Quantum Photonics and the United Nations, and her TEDx talk “Why we still need ritual” has had over 11k views.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umdZIyriW-U

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