Write My Blurb

  • Friday Night Owls at The Canvas
Fri 16/02/2018 19:00 to 21:30

Part of FRIDAY NIGHT OWLS. Join us at WRITE MY BLURB! Each month new performance work is tried and tested in front of a live audience, and then you're asked: Now write my blurb!

 At Write My Blurb, we want to experiment with new ways for artists to get feedback on their work from you, their adoring audience. 
Short performances from multiple disciplines (think theatre, music, maybe even interactive game strangeness) will be presented to you, a living, breathing audience and then the performers want to hear what YOU saw. In the role of BLURB writer, after each performance you will have the chance to write your feedback, in a personalised manner or completely anonymous, tailor made and guided by your MC's Ellie and Francine. Blurbs will be shared, performers will pick their favourites, maybe we'll get unanimous response, maybe every person will have gone on a totally different voyage, maybe there will be one word, maybe there'll be utter confusion.
This will be a fun, experimental, interactive and playful way of sharing work that will hopefully generate varied reflections, hilarity, and a good ol' chin wag. Kind of like a live game of Balderdash :) so grab yourself a drink, open your eyes and ears, and get ready to write, laugh, cry, and maybe even make some connections!
It's Pay What You Can, but pre-registered audience will be prioritised.
To reserve your spot:  
Doors at 7:00pm, show kicks off at 7:30pm. 
This night is part of FRIDAY NIGHT OWLS, The Canvas' new women-led live performance night. Join us every Friday for a show at 7:30pm, with our bar open until midnight. For more info, here's our Facebook page.