How startups win on social media: Free

Tue 22/08/2017 18:30 to 20:00

What do Agencies, Tech Companies and Freelancers all have in common? Their customers, are all on social media. In fact, any type of business has the advanatage of reaching new customers and retaining loyality through effective use of social media.

As part of The People Like Me Group's mission to create a community of likeminded individuals to support each other in start ups, careers, business or personal development, we have curated this 4 week course for starts up consiting of a 1 hour interactive workshop, and 30 minutes problem solving conversations.

  • Tuesday 15th August
    Personal branding and storytelling for start ups
  • Tuesday 22nd August
    How start ups can win on social media
  • Tuesday 29th August
    Leadership, Recruiting and Managing a team
  • Tuesday 5th September
    Networking to build and maintain relationships

This workshop will specifically focus on:

  • Applying social media to your personal and business brand

  • Growing and engaging with your network

  • Articulating your brand's story, connecting with others

  • Stratigising and crafting your story

To get the most out of this event, we recommend identifying any issues or barriers you are facing in your journey relating to branding for our 30 minute roundhouse discussion.

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