Volunteer Action for Peace Open Evening: Free

Fri 26/01/2018 18:00 to 20:00

Volunteer Action for Peace - come along and find out more about non-commerical international volunteering projects with VAP!

This is a chance to find out how you can take part in international volunteer projects responsibly, without paying vast sums of money to profit-making "voluntourism" companies. VAP is a charity that is part of a network of NGOs all over the world, originally set up to run reconciliation projects after WWI. We now run projects in the UK for volunteers from abroad to take part in, and train and support UK-based volunteers to take part in projects in other countries. From conservation work in Japan and sustainable agriculture in Iceland to refugee support in Belgium and education in Palestine, the aim is always to increase intercultural understanding, build friendships, contribute to local projects, and above all learn from each other.
Come along on the 26th to hear from past and current volunteers and find out how to take part - everyone welcome!