Monthly Mindfulness Drop-In with Nicole Perkins

Sun 06/05/2018 17:00 to 19:00

Whether you are new to mindfulness and want to try it out in a relaxed and friendly environment, or you already have a mindfulness practice and want to stay motivated, this group is for you!

There are amazing meditation apps available these days, but a common experience is that it’s really hard to stay motivated to practise without a community of fellow meditators to encourage and support each other. The aim of this secular monthly drop-in is to provide a relaxed and friendly space to meditate together, share experiences and have fun.


These sessions are suitable for all: whether you are completely new to mindfulness, have completed an 8-week course and want support to maintain your practice, or have an established practice and would like to connect with fellow meditators.

What happens at the drop-in?

We start with a mindfulness meditation followed by discussion in small groups. Then after a tea break there’s the chance to ask questions, discuss our practice more generally and share tips and experiences. There’s no obligation to speak in the whole group - it is absolutely fine to come along and listen to others.


We meet normally on the first Sunday of the month from 5pm - 7pm. If you are running late you are still very welcome if there is capacity - please just join us quietly as we will normally start with a meditation, and you can pay in the break.

How much?

The cost of the drop-in is £10, payable on the door in cash.

Canvas Cafe are offering a special deal for members of the mindfulness drop-in: £5 hot drink + delicious homemade cake during the break.

The teacher:

Nicole Perkins trained to teach mindfulness with Bangor University, is a UK Network registered teacher and runs mindfulness courses, workshops and retreats. Nicole is also completing a research PhD in psychology at King’s College London. She has a particular interest in the cultivation of compassion through mindfulness, the science of meditation, and mindfulness of dream and sleep.


To give an idea of numbers it is really helpful if you can confirm attendance on meetup here:

Entry will be first-come-first-served until we reach capacity.

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