HOW TO EMBODY LOVE (Free Workshop): Free

Sat 17/02/2018 14:30 to 17:00

Would you like to have more love in your life, be more loving towards yourself and others but you don’t know quite where or how to start? “How to embody love” is a workshop where we can learn how love is not only a feeling, but a way of being. We come together to explore how we can practice it as a way of living through self-love, compassion and oneness.

Love is not only a feeling, it is a way of BEING. Wholehearted love requires action to be complete. During this workshop we will explore ways in which we can all embody love and practice it as a way of living. We will start from “Who am I?” and consequently, “ Who is the other?”. We will make obsolete the concepts of separation and conditional love, and instead we will learn how to practice self-love, oneness and deep compassion.

We will challenge ourselves to look at love from another point of view as it all comes down to how ready we are to give love to ourselves, since we are all ONE.

As the embodiments of love, how shall we lead our lives? What must be changed?

Transform your life from the inside out!


Benefits of the workshop:

- Embody love by practicing loving-kindness and offering compassion

- Get in touch with our heart space and use it as an unlimited source to expand love

- Heal ourselves with self love and self compassion

- Sense the interconnectedness between us and all human beings

- Release the grip of fear and choose love as a way to lead our lives

- Transform our human relationships, sense of connection and belonging

- Let love guide us towards a life of purpose


What will happen during the workshop?

The workshop will include an interactive exercise (please be ready to let go of one of our senses to enhance our introspection and go within), a discussion circle and a short meditation. Come ready to play and open your heart with vulnerability! That is the true strength of heart! ❤️

Looking forward to welcoming everyone to create together a magical experience and walk back out into the world as love embodiments!


Tickets & Registration

To attend please pre-register here as there is limited room capacity:

It is a free workshop but there is limited venue space so please cancel your spot to make sure we can give it to someone else.