How to Befriend Fear Workshop: Free

Sat 03/03/2018 14:00 to 17:30

How would your life look like if you overcame your fears? Are you ready to dive into your fear and stop running away from it?

Through a mindfulness exercise and group reflection, during the workshop you will notice if you are led by Love or Fear. If Fear drives your behaviour and decisions, then “befriending” your Fear will take away some of its power and you will start gaining control over your life through conscious decision.  Develop a compassionate “friendship” with your Fear to perceive it as an opportunity for growth!

Fear comes from the mind and the mind is afraid of the heart. Also, Fear is the absence of Love. Therefore, the cure to Fear is simply Love and the path towards more Love is through the heart.  

Raise your vibrations and let Love guide you, not Fear! Do your best to live consciously every day and in every moment!

Benefits of the workshop:

  • Acknowledge if you are driven by love or fear

  • Be more at ease to face your fear

  • Learn to root your actions in love, not fear

  • Empower yourself by recognizing fear and do what you were afraid of

  • Regain control over your life by releasing fear’s grip

What will happen during the workshop?

The workshop will include a mindfulness exercise, a discussion circle and a short meditation.

Tickets & Registration

To attend please pre-register here as there is limited room capacity:

NOTE: Limited number of tickets (max. 12) due to the limited venue space - Secure your free ticket by registering as it is First Come First Served.

After registration, if you can’t make it please kindly cancel your ticket so that the place can be offered to someone else.