Way of Wellness: Free

Tue 22/08/2017 12:30 to 13:30

HOW ARE YOU? What makes you feel healthy, vital and full of energy?

Often wellness is about changing habits, over time, in small increments; sustainably, kindly and willingly.

It’s about lifestyle choices and a multitude of decisions which lead to ill-health or feeling well overall.

Given the ever-increasingly polluted, nervous and fast-paced environments we live in, especially in big cities, these choices and routines become more significant to maintaining health and sanity. Taking time out, contemplating, reflecting back, awareness, and being conscientious in the present moment, all contribute to how you interact with the outside world in a way that functions for you, rather than it presiding over you.

So in these sessions, we’re looking at life from the inside out, rather than being dominated from the outside. Is this a process that appeals to you, and you’d be willing to try? Are you keen to give this approach a go?

See it as an open space where what you say and do can be seen and heard by others, and shared more widely too. Whilst being aware of your weaknesses, bring especially your skills and strengths. So instead of sharing your private wounds, when you speak it’s to say something useful to others, a practical discovery you’ve made or a solution you’ve found, that they may make use of too, and take home to others who can benefit as well.

We’re looking here at you own inner resources and those of others, and sharing them, with care and consideration rather than mindlessly.

This is the first of a series of Way of Wellness sessions being offered free - donations welcome. If you have not attended before, please come for an induction interview first, to attend now or a future session which may suit your schedule.

For more, see: Way of Wellness https://wowwayofwellness.wordpress.com/

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