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Tue 01/08/2017 12:30

HOW ARE YOU? What makes you feel healthy, vital and full of energy?

Summer of Change festival 3-13 August
You were born happy! with Happy World Company
Thu 03/08/2017 10:00

Start the day with a happy shot! No, we are not talking about a glass of wine but a positive and happy ritual that will put you in a “positive mood” straightaway. Attend this workshop to learn about the 10 most hidden but obvious secrets of happiness that are already available to you! The Happy World Company will introduce you to a whole new happy world. You decide how yours looks like! Tickets £5. Free coffee or tea with your ticket!

Catching the Butterfly with Andy Gibson
Thu 03/08/2017 13:00

Trying to be happy is sometimes compared to chasing a butterfly: the chase is fun, but what will you do when you've caught it? In this philosophical look at the science of happiness and wellbeing, Andy Gibson, founder and "Head Gardener" of Mindapples, discusses what happiness is, some popular ways to get it, and how to be happy without ignoring the sad times too. Tickets £15. Free lunch with your ticket!

Summer of Change festival The Canvas
Radical Happiness - Museum of Happiness and Happyness Hub
Thu 03/08/2017 15:00

Join two of the most innovative happiness movements in the UK for an afternoon of pure joy. Tickets £5. Free coffee or tea with your ticket!

Summer of Change festival The Canvas
Creating a Happier World Together with Mark Williamson
Thu 03/08/2017 18:30

Dr Mark Williamson from Action for Happiness explores some of the practical things we can do to be happier ourselves and to help create a happier and kinder world for everyone. Tickets £20 (or donation). Free entry to live music 9-11pm.

Are you living a Passionate Life? with Sharon Smith
Fri 04/08/2017 10:00

Are you passionate about the work you do? Only 20-30% of people are - which means that most people are leading unfulfilled lives at work.
Is this you? Are you postponing happiness? Tickets £5. Free coffee or tea with your ticket!

What Stops You From Changing The World? with Mary Fenwick
Fri 04/08/2017 13:00

International business coach and journalist Mary Fenwick is also an agony aunt for Psychologies magazine, journalist, fundraiser, mother, divorcée and widow. This is an inter-active session for men and women who want to change the world, without losing themselves. Tickets £15. Free lunch with your ticket!

Going Global - global change panel discussion
Fri 04/08/2017 15:00

What can be done on a global level to bring about positive change? Tickets £5. Free coffee or tea with your ticket!

Foundations for Change with Servane Mouazan
Fri 04/08/2017 19:00

Changemakers are neither wizards nor superheroes, they are humans who feel and share joy, love, purpose, and they also have pains, stubbornness, burnouts and crashes. In this highly interactive session, Servane Mouazan, a social entrepreneur, will go through stories and 5 pillars that provide a balanced foundation for anyone wishing to bring about change! Tickets £20/£15. Free entry to live music 9-11pm.

Marta's jazz jam session
Fri 04/08/2017 21:00

The Canvas barista and jazz musician Marta hosts a jazz jam session on the first Friday of every month. Here, she joins the Summer of Change festival with a gorgeous evening of tunes under a rainbow canopy of fairy lights.

Self-empowerment through Dance with Calmer
Sat 05/08/2017 10:00

Feeling empowered and confident in your own, individual path is essential for your wellbeing – how can you use dance as a tool for self-empowerment? Tickets £5. Free coffee or tea with your ticket!

Summer of Change festival The Canvas